Thank you, generous friend!

As an expression of our gratitude for your support of our recent crowdfunding campaign, please enjoy this collection of guided meditations prepared especially for you by Chrysalis faculty and friends. Click the play icon to stream a meditation from this page, or click "download" to save it to your device.

We hope your journey will be enriched by these offerings...

The Practice of Arriving — with Alex Peavey (7:47)

Experience deep presence with this beautifully simple meditation, which offers an opportunity to arrive fully in this moment as you let go of everything that came before and everything that will come after.

Lightening Your Heart With Laughter — with Camille Bird (7:24, plus Outtake)

Giggle your way through this lighthearted meditation and experience the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of laughter.

Body Awareness Meditation — with Carol Jacobs (15:55)

Come peacefully into relationship with your body as you engage with this autogenic relaxation meditation.

Starting Your Day with Intention — with Elaine Kiziah (16:35)

This meditation helps you remember how precious today is and then — grounded in that awareness and in connection with your spiritual core — to set intentions about how you will orient toward the day's events.

A Walk in Nature — With Elisa Bennett (20:02)

Use the power of imagery to access the restorative qualities of nature as you take a virtual woodland walk with the aid of this guided meditation. (Adapted from "The Guided Meditation Site".)

Healing Energy Meditation — with John Taylor (22:28)

In this combined body sweep and breathing meditation, you will practice focusing your innate life force energy and using it to offer healing to yourself.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire: Opening to the Elements — with Katya Lesher (16:27)

This meditation offers an opportunity to explore and open to the energy of the four elements and how that energy can support you.

Heart Practice Meditation — with Kay Davidson (4:05)

This short meditation offers an opportunity to connect with your heart and to offer yourself the warmth of a loving memory.

Deepening Our Capacity to Receive Love — with Lisa Halberstadt (16:43)

Building on the memory of a caring moment from your past, this meditation offers an opportunity to practice taking in love and acceptance. (Adapted from John Makransky, founder / guiding teacher for the Foundation for Active Compassion.)

A Journey Through the Chakras — with Martha Tyler (11:25)

Strengthen your chakras with this meditation on these seven wheels of energy in your body, and take in the gifts they have to offer.

Awakening to Your Inherent Enoughness — with Philip Davidson (7:42)

This simple meditation invites us to wake up to life and to the truth that, in this moment, we are enough.

The Gift of Grace — with Sheila Battle (11:51)

Release self-judgement, doubt, and worry and replace them with positive, grace-filled thoughts as you listen to the affirmations in this guided meditation.

Giving and Receiving Compassion — with Susan Wilkes (19:17)

Using your breath as an anchor, this meditation guides you through the practice of offering kindness and care both to yourself and to one or more others who need it. It's a lovely exercise in becoming attuned to where there is a need for compassion as well as becoming practiced at including yourself as a recipient of that compassion.