Resilience, presence, connection, Clarity

These are just some of the words we hear again and again to describe what our programming can help you, your employees and your customers find in this busy world of constant connectivity and information overload.  We have the most highly trained and experience staff of mindfulness professionals in RVA and our programming is easily customized for your group. We can host your group in our space or bring our programs and teachers right to your door.

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How can we help your community?


Partnership Program

You provide the space and marketing, we provide the content and the teacher.  This is a great way for yoga studios, medical offices and even schools to bring mindfulness programming on site.  If you would like to offer a Chrysalis program in your space for your customers/clients let's work together.  With our partnership program your customers pay the registration fee for the class (through our registration system) so no money comes out of your pocket. 

sponsorship Program

This is a great way for larger organizations/corporations to bring powerful programming straight to your office.  If you would like to purchase a class for your employees and/or customers you may sponsor a program.  We provide the content and teachers in your space (or ours) and registration for the course is reserved for your special group. 


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These are the most requested programs - check out our core courses page for a description of the course:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindful Self Compassion