learning space

Chrysalis Learning Space is a topically themed library of articles, links, and learning experiences produced by our faculty of experts in spiritual development. We want to inspire new levels of consciousness that recognize our sacred interconnections. Together we can use these resources to build a vibrant spiritual community of learners.

spiritual paths

Chrysalis created the Spiritual Paths program to help you find space to examine your life and to explore and develop (or deepen/expand) ongoing practices and perspectives that will bring you greater peace, joy, connection, transcendence, and meaning.

words for the journey

Words for the Journey is a collection of reflections on meaning, spiritual practices, creativity, inner work, and mindfulness written by Chrysalis Institute contributors. Inspiring, insightful and informative, each reflection is accompanied by thoughtful quotations and questions for further contemplation, writing, or discussion undefined making it perfect for personal exploration or for use in book clubs or small groups.


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