Here's just a small sampling of the
projects we've undertaken over the years.


Mindful parenting conference 2017 (richmond, va)

Chrysalis Institute created a day-long Mindful Parenting Conference (the first-ever conference on Mindful Parenting on the East Coast) in order to deepen our own mindfulness practice, build confidence in our parenting, and explore the great strengths mindfulness offers for our relationships, including that of parent and child.


labyrinth project

richmond labyrinth project 2013 (Richmond, va)

The outdoor labyrinth is open to the public during daylight hours. Chrysalis Institute holds several special events there throughout the year. 

An ancient, mystical tool, the Labyrinth is a walking meditation used by many cultures and religious traditions. A walk through the Labyrinth has come to symbolize the spiritual journey. Concentric circles weave and twist as they direct you to the center, the place of illumination. Walk the Labyrinth in silence. Shed worldly concerns, quiet your mind, and simply be in the moment.

The Labyrinth is located on the grounds of Union Presbyterian Seminary, in the park on the corner of Westwood Avenue and Loxley Road, across from Ginter Place. It is open to the public during daylight hours year-round. For GPS, the address is 3318 Loxley Road, Richmond, Virginia. 

Rent the Indoor Labyrinth

Our Indoor Labyrinth is a canvas copy of the Outdoor Labyrinth that can be rented for a fee of $50. An area of 67' x 67' is needed to lay the Labyrinth. Contact Chrysalis for details.


spiritual paths

Spiritual paths Program 2016-2017 (RIchmond, va)

Chrysalis created the Spiritual Paths program, an in-depth, six-month program for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and perspectives — no matter where they are in their spiritual journey — to help them find space to examine their lives and to explore and develop (or deepen/expand) ongoing practices and perspectives that will bring about greater peace, joy, connection, transcendence, and meaning.