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Buddhism: Awake and Aware

  • Chrysalis Institute 213 Roseneath Road Richmond, VA 23221 (map)

At its heart, Buddhism is about paying attention to the human experience and accepting the realities of impermanence, suffering, and not having a fixed, independent self. It’s about asking, “What am I feeling in this moment, and how can I be with it?” Buddhism provides the philosophical roots and ethical foundation for mindfulness as we know it today. Learn about Buddhist principles and philosophy, and reflect on how they impact and enhance your own spiritual path. What resonates? What sparks resistance? In Buddhism, and in this program, you’re invited to experiment, sit with your own experience, and figure out what works for you.

This is for you if you…

  • Are curious about the ancient wisdom traditions of Buddhism

  • Are interested in the ethical origins and philosophical history of mindfulness

  • Would like to reflect on your own spiritual path through the lens of Buddhism

Kay Davidson, PhD and Philip Davidson, PhD

Kay Davidson, PhD is a retired clinical psychologist and long time mindfulness coach, mentor, and teacher.  Kay completed the 2 year Meditation Teacher Training led by Tara Brach and the Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC in 2013 and now offers many classes, practice groups, workshops and retreats in the RVA area.  Currently, she is co-facilitating the Chrysalis Institute Mindfulness Teacher Training program along with her husband Philip. She also serves on the Chrysalis Institute Faculty and is a past board member.


Philip Davidson, PhD ( ), is a mindfulness teacher and coach. In 2013 he completed the two year Meditation Teacher Training program taught by Tara Brach. Over the past 7 years he has led mindfulness practice groups and introduced mindfulness in several local businesses and health care organizations. In his role as a member of the faculty at Chrysalis Institute he co-facilitated its Spiritual Paths program three times and is currently co-facilitating a Mindfulness Teacher Training Program. His personal experience with mindfulness practice has enabled him to be more present to life just as it is with less reactivity and more kindness.

$75/Chrysalis members
$150/General public

Thursdays, May 2, 9, 16, 23

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