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Kabbalah Program

  • Chrysalis 3527 Ellwood Avenue Richmond, VA, 23221 United States (map)

Do you know about Jewish mysticism? Kabbalah is an ancient, esoteric school of though which sheds light on life questions throughout practical principles inherent to the Kabbalistic liturgy.

The word Kabbalah means “to receive”. Often in life, we think about receiving many things. However, in that space of thought how often do we think about receiving fulfillment? Being fulfilled in life is a topic widely discussed and talked about in the field of psychology as well as in people's personal day to day lives. Typing “fulfilled life” into a Google search will produce hundreds of articles and publications on the topic along with titles such as, “find the secrets to living a fulfilled life”. What if living a fulfilled life didn’t have to seem so secretive or elusive? The Kabbalah program aims to give individuals practical principles to life's questions.

Norton Richman is from Newport News, Virginia and teaches for Commonwealth of Virginia. in the 1980’s Norton’s interest in metaphysics had a profound impact on his life leading him dive deeply Jewish mysticism, Kabbalism.  

Sunday, August 6
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

$25 Members/ $50 Non-Members (admission + 1 year membership to Chrysalis 50% off)

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