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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

You'll walk away from this 8 week course with powerful tools you can use in your everyday life to reduce stress and improve your relationship with yourself and others.  This 8 week evidence based program is for anyone interested in learning more about bringing mindfulness into your life.  Each course offering includes a silent retreat day.

'This is the most personally impactful class I've ever attended.  I've worked in corporate learning for over 25 years.. I very strongly believe MBSR should be incorporated in to all organizational employee training programs.' 
'This program has changed my life.  I'm now the healthiest I've ever been due to MBSR helping me to manage my stress and also maintain good health habits.'
--Chrysalis MBSR participants
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mindful self compassion

Release the shame and blame - learn to treat yourself as you would a friend.  In this 8 week course you will learn mindfulness tools to delve deeper into the practice of cultivating compassion for yourself and others.  Each 8 week course includes a silent retreat day.

'I gained a wonderful set of tools to continue my journey toward being more self compassionate.'
'The pleasure was in participating in a group. I learned tools - one in particular - that have already been super effective in dealing with stressful situations.'
-- Chrysalis MSC grads

Ann Nowak

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