What is a mindfulness or meditation coach?

Contact us to learn more about linking up with a coach from our teaching staff that can work with you one on one to deepen your mindfulness practice and/or help you further develop your meditation practice.

How do i establish a home practice?

Once you have found a teacher or group to practice with (or even a meditation app for your cell phone) it is easy to set yourself up for regular practice at home.

Some helpful tips for supporting a home practice

  • Pick a certain day/time that works for you - make an appointment with yourself that you won't break.   
  • Choose a reasonable amount of time for each practice session for your lifestyle (5 min, 10min, 30min, 60 min - there is no right or wrong when you take time to pause and breathe!). 
  • Treat yourself to a dedicated place in your home.  Have a c comfortable cushion or chair ready or just a create special shelf that contains items that are meaningful to you.
  • Check it regularly with a teacher or a group.  Creating social support can keep you motivated when it seems to be a struggle to find time to sit and be still.  As we like to say - this is important inner work that you can't do alone!
  • There are many guided practices online and timers on your cell phone or through meditation apps designed to help support your practice.  Experiment with different practices until you find the one that most resonates with you and commit to doing it as often as you can.

What is a silent retreat?

Silent retreats offer us time to deepen our meditation and mindfulness practice in a supported group setting without the demands of our everyday responsibilities and commitments.  With extended periods of silence, we can reserve energy that we normally use in our interaction with others - connecting with people in our lives and getting to know them more deeply.  On retreat, we use that energy to connect more deeply with ourselves - to go deeper into our own experience.  Retreats can be challenging but also very insightful and rewarding.  We offer shorter 4 hour retreats (see our 'Mindfulness and Movement' program at Lewis Ginter offered quarterly) as well as weekend long experiences.  There are retreat centers around the country that offer extended retreats of 3, 5 to 7+ days.  See our resources page for more details.