What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention on purpose to the present moment.  Mindfulness can be practiced formally through different forms of meditation and informally as we go throughout the day.  Observing our thought patterns and cultivating our attention on purpose, allows us to gain clarity that enables us to live with intention, reduce stress and be more present.

For a deeper dive on mindfulness refer to our resource section.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is simply practicing concentration.  Our minds generate thousands of thoughts a day and become easily distracted - this is magnified by our modern day lifestyles of constant connection and little down time for rest and reflection.  We can train our concentration muscle much like we train our bicep muscle - through regular attention and repetition of a particular exercise - in this case meditation.  Neurons in the brain that fire together start to wire together  - meaning that over time, meditation practice on the cushion allows us to better focus off the cushion at home, at work and in any part of our lives where we seek more presence.

What is meditation not?  Mindfulness meditation is not an out of body experience and it is not tied to any particular religion.  The meditation practices at Chrysalis Institute are secular in nature and appropriate for everyone.

what is mindfulness teacher training?

Led by Philip and Kay Davidson, the Chrysalis Teacher Training Program is an intensive curriculum designed to prepare you to share your mindfulness practice in the role of a teacher to others - enabling you to lead practice groups and workshops on your own.  The program is currently full and will open to new registrants in 2019.  Please check back or contact us for more information.