Core CourseS

Mindfulness ESSENTIALS

Cultivate clarity, a compassionate heart, and a greater sense of wellbeing. These are just a few of the many benefits of mindfulness practice. You will leave this 4-hour workshop with the resources, tools, and understanding to begin your personal path of practice.

 “You can start where you are and the benefits are far reaching.”

“…I can start being more mindful right away and grow into its practice.”


This 8-week course shares powerful tools you can use to reduce stress and improve your relationship with yourself and others.  For anyone interested in learning more about bringing mindfulness into daily life, this is a great program for those newer to meditation.  Each course includes a silent retreat day. 

“This is the most personally impactful class I've ever attended.  I've worked in corporate learning for over 25 years. I very strongly believe MBSR should be incorporated in to all organizational employee training programs.”

“This program has changed my life. I'm now the healthiest I've ever been due to MBSR helping me to manage my stress and also maintain good health habits.”


Release the shame and blame - learn to treat yourself as you would a good friend.  In this 8-week evidence-based course you will learn mindfulness tools to delve deeper into the practice of cultivating compassion for yourself and others.  Each 8 week course includes a silent retreat day.

"I gained a wonderful set of tools to continue my journey
toward being more self-compassionate.”

“The pleasure was in participating in a group. I learned tools - one in particular - that have already been super effective in dealing with stressful situations.”


Strengthen your natural capacity for compassion, empathy and kindness through this new 8-week program based on the latest findings from the science of compassion. Though teachings, meditations, and in-class exercises, you’ll train your mind for compassion and develop skills that help you relate to others and yourself, ultimately increasing your overall sense of well-being.

Mindfulness for Parents                    

Space, clarity, presence.  As parents in this modern age of constant connectivity and productivity these qualities that we most want to share with our children are often the hardest to give.  In this 6 week course you will learn formal and informal mindfulness practices that will help you calm down, slow down and savor as you cultivate a new relationship to yourself and your family.

Open-Sit Meditation

A perfect opportunity for busy people like you to meditate in community! Drop by and experience 30 minutes of silence to start off your week with clarity. Create an intention for the week and meditate with a small group.  No experience necessary.

Mindfulness and Movement ONE-Day Retreat

Take a mini-vacation from living on automatic pilot. Enjoy mindful movement and reflection in a beautiful, natural setting. Reserve the energy you usually spend caring for and communicating with others to care for yourself during this 4-hour silent retreat.

“Taking a retreat in silence, in a beautiful setting, led by compassionate, skilled leaders is important to the feeding of my soul.”

“Martha and Susan were lovely and very good organizers…all activities were relevant and they allowed full choice and freedom — ‘this is your retreat’ — and both had a
wonderful, loving spirit.”

Practicing Mindfulness

Practice, reflect and share.  For beginners and experienced practitioners alike, our monthly practice group with Kay and Philip will support you on your path of mindfulness practice.  Each session includes a guided 30 minute sit, a dharma talk and time for sharing in community. No registration necessary. 

meditation group FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR

This drop-in group is open to anyone who self-identifies as a person of color. Whether you have an established meditation practice or have never practiced before, we’ll provide a safe, nurturing space to honor, celebrate, and share our experiences. This practice is to support the collective wellbeing of each other through mindfulness, self-compassion, and dialogue.

1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month 6-7:30 PM

mindful parenting conference

Come together in community with other RVA parents as we share the joys and struggles of modern day parenting. You’ll learn practical tools to bring clarity, peace and compassion to your parenting as well as your relationship with yourself. We bring the most experienced and knowledgeable folks in the field of mindfulness in RVA together for this one day event. Just bring an open heart, open mind, and wear some comfortable clothes!

“Top take away: our full presence is one of the greatest gifts we can give our loved ones.
Plan to increase mindfulness practice and share with family in age-appropriate ways.”

“I plan to use cues (doorways/breath) to bring me back to the present moment.
I realize now how much time I spend planning and worrying.”


Come when you can for this facilitated journaling experience, typically offered the first Wednesday of each month. Each time we explore a different theme as we connect with our deepest selves in our journals. A variety of prompts, meditations, poetry, music and more are offered to help you take your journaling experience to the next level, so you can gain new perspectives and deepen your sense of well-being. Hear from others about their writing experiences and insights, and be part of a supportive circle of seekers.

"I really enjoyed the journaling session last night. Transitions was a great theme and it is something I’m in the midst of right now so the process was very helpful. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have found your class and become a part of it."

"I appreciate all you do to create such a supportive and rich space. There was such a diversity of perspectives last night, and it seemed to me that the space held all of us with warmth and acceptance."

KeyNote Speakers

Explore age old questions in new ways with us. Sit back and be inspired by the words of esteemed speakers like Ruth King, James Hollis, and Rabbi Rami Shapiro, just to name a few. Recently named Richmond’s Most Mind-Stimulating Series by Richmond Magazine - our twice-a-year keynotes will encourage you to approach your inner work with humor, warmth, and wisdom.

“I liked approaching such a serious subject with so much humor and different insights.”

“Could listen to him for hours more; his perspective draws me in to deeper thought
about life, faith, and death.”

Shamanic drum circle

Recognizing Shamanism as a 30,000-year-old cross-cultural spiritual practice and way of being in respectful awareness, the world is sacred and interdependent. We invite you to celebrate the seasons and life with us with drums, rattles, and shamanic journeying.


Let’s get moving while reducing stress and connecting to our bodies.  Nia is a little bit martial arts, a little bit dance, and a lot of fun! No experience necessary. All are welcome.


Introduce movement, freedom and fresh air to your walking meditation practice as you explore our labyrinth on Richmond’s North Side at 3318 Loxley Rd. We’ll join you on the summer and winter solstices, but feel free to use the space anytime for your own personal practice.


Read, share, and reflect with us. Book selections are announced in advance and reflect the Chrysalis seasonal theme. Prepare to dive deep! Our book groups meet monthly during the Spring and Fall.

“I enjoyed the group discussion and sharing.”

“The book was a nice reflection on ideas and practices to live more mindfully and fully.”