How To Fix The Most Common Problems In Your Georgetown KY AC System

Air conditioners are a large expense for many families. They can be expensive to purchase, and they also require regular maintenance, which adds even more costs. When an air conditioner breaks down, it can lead to major disruptions in your life. 

However, you don’t have to panic – with the right knowledge and some basic tools, and you should be able to fix most problems that arise! In this article, we’ll cover what often causes an air conditioning unit to break down and how you can prevent these issues from happening again in the future!

Steps To Take When Doing A Proper Home Inspection To Your AC Unit

To inspect your air conditioner, you’ll need the following:

  • A flashlight or a torch. This will allow you to see any leaks in your home’s pipes and cooling system that could be causing problems for your air conditioning unit. Shut off power to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and AC) unit before inspecting it further to avoid getting injured when working on it!
  • Stiff brush (or broom with stiff bristles). You can use this to clean debris from around the outside of your unit, preventing airflow blockages inside. It also helps locate places where water may have leaked into the AC system, which would show up on an inspection as wet spots or small puddles near the outside of the unit.
  • Vacuum cleaner – to suck up any debris that may be blocking airflow and causing problems with your air conditioner.
  • Check for leaks, whether it is blowing cold air, and if there are any strange noises.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Good AC Repair Specialist

You should hire an AC expert to inspect your HVAC unit if:

  • You notice water leaking from it. This could be a sign of roof damage that has seeped into the air conditioning system and is causing problems with airflow!
  • Your home’s pipes are exposed or old – this increases the risk for leaks in the cooling system, which can cause major issues for you down the road!
  • It isn’t blowing cold air as expected. If you have any doubts about whether something might be wrong, don’t hesitate to call out an expert before things get worse! Air conditioners account for 15% of all power consumption across the US, so they’re important to take care of properly too!

It’s important to hire an expert for air conditioning inspections so they can get a good look at the inside of your unit and all its workings. Additionally, you can get an estimate once the inspection is complete. So, you can decide whether you need to repair or replace your cooling system. This is how important to get the service of an AC repair specialist.

How To Know When You Need To Replace Or Fix Your AC Unit

You should replace your air conditioner if:

  • It is over eight years old. Air conditioning units have a lifespan of about ten to fifteen years, so an AC unit that’s older than this will likely need major repairs soon or maybe on its way out!
  • You’re not getting the desired temperature from it when you turn it up higher. This could indicate signs for ‘thermal protection,’ which means the compressor has been damaged and needs repair work done asap – otherwise, more damage may occur in other parts of the system too!

Repairing an air conditioning unit can be expensive, and some issues cannot be fixed without replacing key components (e.g., leaking pipes).